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Count this refugee in favor of Trump’s immigration protections /// Dallas Morning News

February 1, 2017

In November 1985 I arrived in New York as a refugee. My family’s refugee status and permission to come to the U.S. had been denied once before. I missed seeing the Statute of Liberty out of my plane window because it was night time and I was 6 years old and not sure what to look for.

However, we were stopped on our way to Dallas. We spent the better part of the next day proving that our paperwork and affairs were in order, including getting another round of shots, before we were allowed to go on to Texas. I met my father for the first time that night. From that time, until I was in college, I was a permanent resident. However slim, there was always a chance that if I left the country, I would not be allowed back in, if things in the world changed; we always knew of the risk but didn’t think it important enough at the time.

I didn’t get around to becoming a citizen as a teenager because I was more interested in football and girls than standing in line at the INS offices. It was time to become a citizen when I knew my future career was in the law. Citizenship was my first oath to defend the Constitution. I became a lawyer with the second oath. A prosecutor with the third. And when I joined the Air Force, the fourth. When I was promoted, the fifth.


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