Enormous Support for Tom Nowak for Justice!

With the official filing deadline having passed and the holidays upon us, we reflect on the year so far.  Our campaign has drawn the support of hundreds of citizens who know Tom Nowak can provide the Experience, Integrity, and Leadership that the 5th Court of Appeals needs.  The following is a partial list of supporters who are looking forward to the future.  These supporters know that we need Veteran Leadership for today and tomorrow on the Court of Appeals.  They know that Tom Nowak is the right candidate for Place 11 and that he is the only candidate who has the skills necessary to protect our values and ensure justice for years to come.  If you’d like to have your name added to the list or we have omitted it, please let us know.


Douglas and Beverly Adamson
Melida Ailshire
Robert Arnett
Alison Ashmore
Wilson Aurbach
Heather Barbieri
Lauren Becker
Jim Birch
Julie Borik
Andrea Bouressa
Hon. Terry Box
Lee Bright
Ben and Maggie Brodnax
Justin Bryan
George Burke
Jim Burnham
Brooke Busbee
Brad Carpenter
Leon Carter
Ruth Chambers
Hon. Danny Clancy
Pam Colquitt
Bill Cowan
Tom Cox
Bill Cox
Chris Davis
Hon. Maurine Dickey
Jeff Dixon
Jeff Domen
Grant Dubois
Hon. Wade Emmert
Ole Estrada
Cecile Fernandez
Majorie Ford
Zeke Fortenberry
Susan Fountain
Eric Gambrell
Debbie and Eric Georgatos
Vicki Goode
Keith Goodwin
Lib Grimmett
Mike Gruber
Johnny Gussio
Geoff Henley
Caron Hill
Charlie Humphreys
Willie Ingram
Rachel Jackson
Patrick Jordan
Hank Judin
Hank Judin
Bubba King
Bill Knox
John Korpal
Chris Kratovil
Martin Lenoir
Dan Lewis
Sheridan Lewis
Hon. Marilea Lewis
Philip Linder
Brett Martin
EX Martin
Scarlet McNellie
Aaron Meek
Ashkan Mehryari
Steve Meng
Debbie Monk
Dan Morenoff
Michael Mowla
Omar Nawaz
Hon. Jonathan Neerman
Hon. Greg Noschese
Elizabeth Nowak
Gala Partlow
Dustin Paschal
Tillie Perkins
Clyde and Joyce Pittman
Sharon Pittman
Bunni Pounds
Leslie Read
Kendal Reed
Hon. Matt Rinaldi
Mark Robinius
Hon. Jim Rolfe
Brint Ryan
Mark Sales
Toby Shook
Hon. Vicki & Mike Slaton
Barry Sorrells
Hon. James Stanton
Francis Stanush
Robert and Ann Steffler
Bethany Stephens
Gene Street
Lane Sullivan
Joline Tate
Brad Underwood
Jerry Varney
Larry Wainer
Bonnie Wells
Hon. Cheryl Williams
Michael Wysocki
David Young
We are also endorsed by these organizations
Texas Right to Life
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Lone Star★Liberty
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