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On The Issues

Our challenge is to represent almost 4 million residents spread across the 6 counties making up the 5th Court of Appeals. With thousands of new citizens arriving to North Texas each year, the work and importance of the 5th Court of Appeals will only increase in the coming years. We need Justices who are energetic, experienced, and represent all of the communities. Tom Nowak is the unmatched choice to represent Collin, Grayson, Rockwall, Hunt, Kaufman and Dallas Counties.

While Tom grew up mostly in Dallas County, his career has made him a go-to Criminal Law expert for citizens in all of the counties making up the 5th District. Both Tom and his wife began their successful careers in Dallas but now call Collin County home. Tom and Christine are raising their two children, in McKinney, Texas.  Tom travels throughout the district to represent clients in Collin, Dallas, Rockwall, Hunt, and Kaufman Counties. Tom’s history and experience make him the best candidate to take on the rigors of a multi-county race and gives him the knowledge to best represent the concerns of the citizens in each of the counties.

We need Justices who are true to the law and will not allow judges to legislate from the bench. Our “Texas Miracle” has brought thousands of new Texans to our district. However, with those new friends, we have expectations that we should now do things the California or New York way. It is important that we continue to elect true conservatives who will protect our ways of doing business in Texas and keep a check on any judges who cannot follow the laws as written.

Tom’s history of conservative credentials and past commitments to the Republican Party make him an ideal candidate for ensuring that we continue to keep any rogue decisions in check. While an immigrant to Texas himself, Tom is grateful for all of his successes, due to the conservative ideals that he was brought up with in Texas. Tom Nowak’s actions prove that he truly believes what he says and is the best candidate to represent the conservative principles held by the citizens in the 5th District.

Our Justices will have to ensure equal access to justice for everyone while making sure that veterans, those with mental illness, and children are protected. With our growing population, we must ensure that we elect Justices who will serve the most vulnerable.

Tom Nowak is best equipped to handle this solemn task. Tom worked for years as a child abuse prosecutor protecting our children from the worst criminals. He is a Captain in the Air Force and has worked with veteran’s legal clinics to provide support to our heroes. Tom’s practice has given him the experience of helping those clients with mental health issues. Tom’s practical experience makes him the most qualified person to protect vulnerable groups as Justice.